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DSC_0027The hygiene staff at Smiles and Faces has over 15 years experience treating patients. All this experience translates to making your experience a great one. Obviously when dealing with a patients health concerns and needs, it is important to communicate needs and concerns. What better what to do this than to keep all under one roof so doctors can communicate effectively and efficiently and nothing is lost in translation. That is how Smiles and Faces operates.

We also own the Kids Dentist practice in West Springfield, MA. Most children will eventually require Orthodontics. By offering Orthodontics in the same location, the doctors can conveniently share important information regarding a child’s proposed treatment. We have received great feedback from both parents and patients about their experience with KD Orthodontics. They not only rave over the care they receive but also of the convenience.

Dr. Robert Matthews, Owner

DrDr. Matthews has been practicing Pediatric Dentistry Since 1998, and is highly regarded and respected by his Peers and Colleagues. A Pediatric Dentist has 2 to 3 years specialty training in addition to Dental School. Dr. Matthews did his residency at Children’s Hospital of Michigan(CHM).  CHM is a primary trauma center for children. Dr. Matthews gained extensive experience in treating surgical cases, as well as numerous other areas in the medical and dental field. In  the year 2000, Dr. Matthews founded the Kids’ Dentist. The Kids’ Dentist truly exemplifies what a Children’s Dental practice should be. Patients are cared for with the latest in treatment procedures and protocols.

Dr. Shawn Bushey

DrDr. Bushey was born and raised in Springfield, MA. He graduated from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth with a B.S. in Biology in 2010 with the highest GPA in his graduating major. Dr. Bushey worked at a dental office every summer throughout his undergraduate studies, which solidified his career choice in Dental Medicine. He graduated in the top 20% of his class from Tufts University School of Dental Medicine with his D.M.D. He enjoys the artistry involved in dentistry, the collaboration needed in a dental office, and the satisfaction that comes from helping put beautiful smiles on his patients.

Dr. Bushey has had a wonderful experience working with children at The Kid’s Dentist and KD Orthodontics in West Springfield, MA. Dr. Bushey particularly enjoys providing his patients with beautifully crafted crowns and he enjoys replacing missing teeth by restoring implants with crowns that make the patient’s feel as if they never lost the tooth in the first place. Dr. Bushey provides a wide variety of dental treatments including, but not limited to, dentures, root canals, fillings, cosmetic work, crowns, and partials. His future plans are to become a certified cosmetic dentist and to be trained in new laser technology.

In his free time, Dr. Shawn Bushey enjoys golfing, hiking, and gardening. During dental school, Dr. Bushey received his license as a certified real estate agent. He enjoys cooking and baking, and he particularly enjoys creating his own recipes. Dr. Bushey can be described as organized, motivated, and empathetic. He has a wide variety of clinical skills and he would love to make your dental visits much more enjoyable. Dr. Bushey is excited to be practicing at Smiles and Faces in Wilbraham, MA and making sure all faces leave with smiles.