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Your Face and Smile are world’s first impression of you. In treating these areas, we use the latest in treatment approaches. This includes a comprehensive approach, often times including Botox and Filler materials.  Dr. Matthews will sit down with you, and give you the opportunity to discuss your areas of concern. Dr. Matthews is highly skilled in the use of Botox and Fillers, and will devise a custom treatment plan with you to meet your wants and needs.

We, as dentists, are doctors.  Our training in dental school is more advanced in the oral and maxillofacial areas (that means the face from chin to forehead) than just about any other healthcare professional who is now allowed to deliver Botox and dermal fillers to patients. Often times in other offices, it is a Nurse or other healthcare provider giving these injections. In such cases, our expertise of the facial muscles, and involved nerves, is far superior to the aforementioned.  This is becoming more widely realized, and many people are becoming aware of the advantages to going to a dually trained Dental Doctor. Filler/Botox near in MA